New Resources for Teaching Iambic Pentameter

By Artie on April 7

We’ve made a few improvements. Come and see! So good, we even had to tell our blog. Yes, for 2021, faced with a second National Poetry Month conducted via Zoom […]

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No Buts About It

By Artie on January 9

Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons are problematic. So is the word many of its critics keep using. Over the past two years, I’ve become obsessed with buts. One T. The conjunction. Buts have […]

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Toxic? A Response to Robert Boucheron’s Article in The Review Review

By Artie on October 14

Lighten up. Seriously. Pretty sure we’ve read that somewhere. Oh wow. My designer and I are going to make blackout poetry of this article during lunch, and I can already […]

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What is an “Indie” Press?

By Artie on July 15

When anyone can upload a Word .doc and call it an E-book, what are we “independent” from? Yesterday on Twitter, eBookNoir asked a question: @eBookNoir “Indie” is more of an […]

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The Completely Effable Business of Poetry

By Artie on June 20

I’m not wild about linking to William Logan’s article, but even MY MOM is cutting it out of the New York Times and MAILING it to me: I’ll save you […]

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Carrie Rudzinski tours the Bay Area, then PNW.

By Artie on June 4

Bicycle Comics author and 2014 WoWPS Finalist Carrie Rudzinski is touring the West Coast this month. She’ll be at the Berkeley Poetry Slam on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, and at […]

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Announcing the 2016 Pushcart Prize Winners

By Artie on May 31

Made you look! (Hey, at least we didn’t Rickroll you.) But seriously, WHY are the Pushcart dates so confusing? Here are some date inconsistencies that are less confusing than Pushcart […]

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Teaching Iambic Pentameter in Schools (update)

By Artie on March 2

National Poetry Month is a month away, but we’re seeing a pronounced uptick from teachers requesting our iambic pentameter worksheets and our sonnet puzzles. Two things: We will only E-mail […]

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How to Make a Poetry Anthology for Amazon Kindle: An HTML and EPUB Primer

By Artie on February 27

It’s time for anthologies without apologies. The Yellow Buick Review is a groundbreaking new poetry anthology. It is also totally fake. The poems of the first issue (spoiler alert!) are […]

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The Venn Diagram of Internet Stupid.

By Artie on December 5

There’s stupid, and then there’s Internet Stupid. Internet Stupid is way worse, but fortunately, it’s curable if caught early.

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