New Resources for Teaching Iambic Pentameter

We’ve made a few improvements. Come and see!

So good, we even had to tell our blog. Yes, for 2021, faced with a second National Poetry Month conducted via Zoom school, Bicycle Comics revisited our classic 2013 poetry lesson plan “Foundations of the Sonnet” and made some long-overdue updates.

Our Iambic Pentameter Lesson Plan is 100% Forsooth Free (and free to download)

We’ve expanded our original worksheets with new questions and new exercises. We’ve added even more examples of iambic pentameter as used in everyday speech. And, while our Teacher’s Answer Key is still absolutely free to teachers upon request, we’ve also created an entirely NEW premium worksheet and answer key for those who can’t wait to get started.

Iambic Pentameter Worksheet (Free)Iambic Pentameter Worksheet (Premium)
detailed explanationsdetailed explanations
50 structured, incremental exercises50 other structured, incremental exercises
teachers must write us for the FREE answer keyanyone can purchase the answer key for $8
Both editions of our worksheet are equally rigorous yet fun. They have completely different question sets.

We’re proud to have helped thousands of high school students understand the rhythm and music of Shakespeare, Milton, and Browning. Check our our updated page of school worksheets and educator resources for teaching iambic pentameter!

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