Our June and July Shows!

You knew Marty McConnell was going to floor you, right? And you were floored. WE were floored. We were so floored that we darn near forgot to let you know about our July show a full month later! (Well, we did put it on Facebook, Twitter, FunCheap, and The Lit Slam’s Website, because we are not, you know, morons.) But we did forgot to post it here. Sorry. Judging by our (very) solid turnout, it appears we covered enough bases anyway. You spoil us, San Francisco. You really spoil us.

Our July show with Bucky Sinister was so absurdly good that we are having a hard time processing it. Literally. The camera footage has been churning away in iMovie for a while now. Consider, however, that this poem by Ben Grenrock, a pretty decent 1m piece, couldn’t make it out of the first round. Give it a look:

That’s the poem that got thumped in our first round. By the time we made it to the third round… Wow. More to come. We’ll be posting the videos soon.

Bucky Sinister is now firmly at the top of our “Hero” list. He was such a good feature that he deserves his own post once we’ve got footage to do him justice. For now, here’s a taste from his “Doughnut” series:

The Lit Slam will be back August 19th!

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