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Current Side Projects

Bicycle Comics publishes light verse and comic strips. But we also find time for other literary and comic endeavors. Here are some of the projects that keep us busy. (As of Spring 2020)

Novel Coronavirus Anthology

We've embarked on a crash-dive project to publish an anthology of new poems in response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic as it unfolds. This project aims to capture the tone of this unique moment and to provide needed work and income to artists affected by the economic collapse. The book goes to press in late May 2020.

Bicycle Comics School Classics

Sam Sax, Saeed Jones, Franny Choi—Bicycle Comics has published some of the freshest voices in contemporary poetry. Yet some wonderful literature from yesteryear languishes in obscurity, as problems with digital formatting or historical context can put off modern readers. Project Gutenberg offers tens of thousands of classic titles, but many of these titles lack supporting materials for today's readers. Also, the poetry formatting of scanned and OCR-derived titles can be <ahem> improvisational.

Rising of the Moon cover image

We want these titles to be more accessible, in every sense of the word. For our School Classics series, we painstakingly reset and revise the original text so that poetry and lyrics can make their full contributions to the plot and mood of the story. Well-sized and correctly-keyed illustrations complement the text. Each title contains a helpful glossary, historical notes, and a map. Text-to-speech narration is enabled as broadly as possible. Best of all, we include commentary and insights from modern scholars and practicing artists. For classrooms and book discussion groups, we offer a full set of teachers' guides, worksheets, answer keys, and more.

The first title from our School Classics line is The Rising of The Moon, a 1907 play by Lady Gregory. Future titles in the pipeline will include novels and poetry by Robert Louis Stevenson and Lucy Maud Montgomery.

The Yellow Buick Review

Yellow Buick Review on Kindle

We run the Yellow Buick Review, an initiative to develop and encourage best practices in the publishing industry for formatting poetry E-books. Poetry is humanity's oldest method of viral storytelling, and we've been shortchanged by its digital incarnations. The HTML5 spec wasn't written with poetry in mind. Like it or not, poetry these days needs to be written with the HTML5 spec in mind.

The Yellow Buick Review is a blog, an open-source literary magazine, and a collection of tools to help poetry publishers do their best work. Send us an E-mail if you would like to discuss using Yellow Buick Review technology in your E-book titles.

Previous Projects

We used to do other stuff. Info on that coming soon.

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A History of Silence

Carrie Rudzinski's confessional, haunting verse lavishes detail on her beloved Midwest even as she chronicles her journeys eastward. Newly-updated for Kindle and smartphone, with additional poems and photographs.

Additional titles available in our bookstore.