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Bicycle Comics is an independent small press focused on poetry and comic strips. We publish one or two titles each year. We believe comedy is the most considerate of art forms, so we encourage readers to "Lighten up…seriously."

Our past

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We've been in business since 2009, when we published our first book of comic strips and light verse: Boys at Play. We created Boys at Play to raise money for the Amherst College Alumni Fund (and because it seemed like a fun project). From there, we began working with rising stars in the New England slam poetry scene. Since then, we've published seven more books.


Bicycle Comics offers a set of trade paperback poetry books, first and foremost. We also have a variety of tasting flights of limericks (so far as we know, we invented those). Most recently, we've gotten into educational publishing, offering classic titles from world literature with modern formatting, critical commentary, and helpful classroom materials and study guides.

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We also have the best classroom activities, bar none, for teaching iambic pentameter and sonnets to kids. Our iambic pentameter lesson plan has been downloaded thousands of times. We invented sonnet puzzles to help kids create sonnets without having to actually write their own sonnets.

And, we run the Yellow Buick Review, an initiative to develop and encourage best practices in the publishing industry for formatting poetry E-books.

Bicycle Comics is based in San Francisco, California, with plenty of help from our original home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


We definitely plan on publishing more books and E-books in the future. However, at the moment, we are not accepting any manuscripts for consideration. To reach out to us about licensing our Yellow Buick Review technology or for inquiries about our educational products, just drop us a line!

Customer service:

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Great books for sale!

Tandem 1

Tandem, Volume I

Tandem represents an unprecedented marriage of the print and performance poetry traditions in the San Francisco bay area. The journal highlights not only exceptional local talent, but also new work from nationally-recognized featured poets such as Jamaal May, Gypsee Yo and Tara Hardy. (Learn more)

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