Teaching Iambic Pentameter in Schools (update)

By Artie on March 2

National Poetry Month is a month away, but we’re seeing a pronounced uptick from teachers requesting our iambic pentameter worksheets and our sonnet puzzles. Two things: We will only E-mail answer keys to teachers/professors who provide a bona fide .edu or .org E-mail address. If we can’t find you with a quick Google or LinkedIn […]

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How to Make a Poetry Anthology for Amazon Kindle: An HTML and EPUB Primer

By Artie on February 27

It’s time for anthologies without apologies. The Yellow Buick Review is a groundbreaking new poetry anthology. It is also totally fake. The poems of the first issue (spoiler alert!) are the first seven paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum nonsense text. It’s available now for all major E-reader platforms. We worked really, really hard on it. Which […]

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The Venn Diagram of Internet Stupid.

By Artie on December 5

There’s stupid, and then there’s Internet Stupid. Internet Stupid is way worse, but fortunately, it’s curable if caught early.

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A Startup Idea Whose Time Has Come

By Artie on October 17

Artie went to TWO different startup pitch events today. This is what happens inside his cartoon/poet brain when he spends this much time around technically-minded people. For the record, the people at American Airlines were very gracious and took it all in stride.    

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A Style Guide for a Poetry Anthology

By Artie on October 15

Anthologies are some of the hardest books to edit, all the more so when we’re not technically the editors. From the freewheeling, unscripted barbaric yawp of the modern poetry slam, we aim to create a professional, printed book that can hold its own with any other anthology out this year. That can be a tall […]

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Carrie Rudzinski Competes at IWPS This Week!

By Artie on October 4

Our own Carrie Rudzinksi is competing this weekend at the 2013 Individual World Poetry Slam in Spokane, Washington. She’s a “Storm Poet” this year, representing herself and her hometown of Rockford, IL, (as opposed to repping for a specific slam venue, as she did in 2011). Good luck, Carrie! Go Team Shutter Dove! Carrie’s first […]

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San Francisco’s Second Crowdsourced Poetry Book: Tandem, Volume 2

By Artie on September 29

Is the Lit Slam still a startup? As Tatyana Brown prepares to close out the second season of her publishing experiment, it’s looking more and more like a success. The first “minimum viable product” out the door has sold out. An E-book tied to the Women of the World Poetry Slam racked up over 1,000 […]

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Amazon Announces Kindle Indenture: Print & Digital Editions, Plus Two Hours of Domestic Help from Beloved Authors.

By Artie on September 6

SEATTLE–Sep. 5, 2013– (NASDAQ:AMZN)—Amazon today introduced Kindle Indenture: a new program that gives customers the chance to buy–for $1.99–the Kindle edition of print books they have purchased new from Amazon. Additionally, members of Amazon Prime will be able to bundle up to two hours of household labor from participating authors for just $9.99. Over 20,000 […]

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Corrina Bain Headlines Penultimate 2013 Lit Slam

By Artie on September 4

Maybe you caught Corrina’s packed feature on his 2011 tour through San Francisco. Maybe you remember his haunting persona work. Maybe you and Corrina go way back to basement-bar poetry slams in Providence and New York. Or maybe you’ve just heard there are only two chances left to get published in Tandem this year. Whether […]

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Our Cover Department Covers our Poems

By Artie on August 23

The show this week had many highlights, but on a personal (and personnel?) note, it was lovely to welcome Kate Kinsey back to San Francisco, this time to stay! Kate is no stranger to the Lit Slam or to Bicycle; she designed the beautiful interior and exterior of Tandem. We promptly put her to work […]

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