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Coronavirus Pandemic Anthology

November 2020

Bicycle Comics will soon publish an anthology of poems written during and about the current novel coronavirus pandemic. We are assembling a collection of poems that engage with the ways urgency and isolation have altered all of our lives. This is a time of grief and uncertainty, of disrupted routine and revised ability, and also a time where community conversation feels extremely vital. We know that no one poem, no one book, can encapsulate the whole of this shared crisis, and we don't expect to do so. This anthology goes to press in the fall of 2020, and we look forward to sharing more news about it here.

All poem entries were due Friday, May 1, 2020. We no longer seek additional submissions. We deeply appreciate the hard work and trust of those who sent us their poems.


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Open-book Financials

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Full Financial Transparency

Bicycle Comics will absorb the full costs of printing and distributing this anthology, allowing an outsized chunk of this book's budget and proceeds to go toward paying the writers, designers, and editors. Our topline budget exists on a public spreadsheet in our Google Drive. Peruse the figures to keep tabs on us and to gain some insight into how a small press brings a paperback book into the world.

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