Two New Tasting Flights of Limericks

Phew! With so many of our friends (and authors!) busy organizing or competing in the National Poetry Slam, we won’t be too conspicuous in our exhaustion. Nationals preparation did delay our monthly refresh of limericks, however, and for that we apologize.

On the other hand: Both of our new tasting flights are free downloads! Howzat for an apology?

We’ve got a flight of four limericks on the subject of NPS 2011, and, special request from our own talented and tasteful Melissa Newman-Evans, we’ve got a flight of three limericks set in her favorite font: Bleeding Cowboys.

Happy Nationals, guys. Cheering hard for Sam, Carrie, and Melissa from out here in San Francisco.

Flight of Bleeding Cowboys Limericks   Flight of National Poetry Slam Limericks

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