Sam Teitel Features at San Jose’s Summer Slumberfest

Summer Slumberfest, the world’s only 25-hour open mic and sleepover party!

Friday and Saturday, July 8 and 9, 2011, from 11AM (Friday) to noon (Saturday).
Admission $3-5 (sliding scale)

MACLA, 510 South First Street, San Jose, CA

This show is the one that started it all. David Perez and Mike McGee’s annual baby. One full day of truly open mic, only this year we’ll feature headlining performances from New England’s Megan Thoma and Sam Teitel. Slumberfest features live performances and streamed acts from all over the world. Bring a sleeping bag, snacks, jammies, and show up well-rested, because you may not want to sleep!

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