Bicycle Editor Turns Out to be Literate, After All

Bicycle Editor Artie Moffa recently had his letter published in the October 8th issue of The Economist newspaper. Artie wrote to poke fun at the–ahem–interesting layout choices the magazine/newspaper* made in their September 24th issue.

Cover of Economist Sept 24 2011

"Hunting the Rich" Economist Cover 9/24/11

SIR – The wry intelligence that characterises the writing in The Economist obviously extended to the layout of your September 24th issue. Your cover depicted tycoons with cash in hand fleeing before a pack of baying hounds and politicians in full fox-hunting regalia. Inside the cover was an advertising spread for a watch that fetches $20,000. Rich stuff indeed. Tally-ho!

Artie Moffa
San Francisco

Ribbing aside, the Economist is one of the best-written periodicals out there, and Artie was very impressed that they could laugh at themselves enough to print his letter. Class act, there.

*They call themselves a “newspaper,” even though it’s clearly a “magazine.” Nobody knows why.

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