Carrie Rudzinski Places FOURTH at 2014 WoWpS

Carrie Rudzinski has placed fourth out of 72 competitors at the seventh annual Women of the World Poetry Slam, held this year in Austin, Texas. Carrie's 2010 book A History of Silence was the first single-poet volume Bicycle Comics published, and we are so proud of all she has gone on to accomplish. She even reached into her back catalog to perform "Open Letter to the Last Person I Will Ever Love" in the third round on Finals Stage!

The paperback of A History of Silence is now out of print, but you can buy it for Kindle directly from us or from!

The 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam was won by Dominique Christina. Imani Cezanne placed second, while Denice Frohman and Carrie Rudzinski rounded out the final round of competitors. Congratuations to all the women who participated in this event!

National Poetry Month is Here

April is National Poetry Month in the United States. We invite teachers and tutors to check out our FREE lesson plan on iambic pentameter, which includes student worksheets and sonnet puzzles. Teachers from Alaska to Kenya have reported great success using these materials to help their students understand Shakespeare and other classic poets of the English canon.

Once your students have mastered the basic rhythms of Shakespeare, help them to see and love the bigger picture with materials from our friends at Playing with Plays.

Pushcart Nominations Announced

Bicycle has nominated six poems for the 39th annual Pushcart Prize. The Pushcart Prize celebrates the poetry, essays, and short stories from writers who publish their work with American small presses. This year, we are pleased to nominate six outstanding contributions:

  • "Blind Date: From the Cicada to the Spider," by Tim "Toaster" Henderson
  • "Commute," by Corrina Bain
  • "Genesissy," by Danez Smith
  • "Gutter," by DesireĆ© Dallagiacomo
  • "Poem for the woman who read a haiku at an open mic that ended 'if the shopping cart's a-rocking, don't come a-knocking,'" by Daphne Gottlieb
  • "Una OraciĆ³n," by Rachel McKibbens

These six poems represent uniquely powerful, masterfully voiced original concepts and stories. We feel they represent the best ambitions of the Lit Slam project, and we are proud to submit them to the Pushcart committee for their consideration.

All nominated poems appear in Tandem, Volume II, available now.

Tandem, Volume II is here!

The 2013 year saw the Lit Slam take its signature innovation of crowdsourced editorial decisions to YouTube and the National Poetry Slam, so Volume II contains poems from an even wider pool of winning talent. Poets who won their way into the Season Two anthology include Mckendy Fils-Aime, Lauren Bullock, and Jason Bayani. Tandem Volume II also includes new work by featured performers such as Jaylee Alde, Marty McConnell, and Ryka Aoki. Over thirty poets flesh out a vibrant anthology that testifies to the wisdom and taste of crowds. Tandem Volume II is available now in time for holiday delivery.


Tandem Volume II cover