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Tandem, Volume II

Edited by the Audiences of the Lit Slam, 2013

The second edition of Tandem captures the vitality of the 2013 season of live shows. What began in 2012 as an experiment on the wisdom of crowds comes fully into its own, as the crowdsourced anthology brings you new work from Saeed Jones, Marty McConnell, Daphne Gottlieb, Ryka Aoki, and other nationally-celebrated poets, alongside audience favorites from local San Francisco authors. A full list of contributors is available at

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Tandem 1

Tandem, Volume I

Tandem represents an unprecedented marriage of the print and performance poetry traditions in the San Francisco bay area. The journal highlights not only exceptional local talent, but also new work from nationally-recognized featured poets such as Jamaal May, Gypsee Yo and Tara Hardy. (Learn more)

Additional titles available in our bookstore.