The 2013 Digital Edition of The Lit Slam!

As the Lit Slam staff shook off a bad case of the Flupocalypse, the question was: What to do about the February show? After all, each of the shows becomes a chapter in Tandem, our year-end poetry anthology.

Thus was born our 2013 Digital Edition. The Lit Slam solicited poems from all over the country. They’ve put together a video playlist of one-minute poems, which we’d love for you to go and watch.

All the usual rules apply, except this installment of the show is far more cosmopolitan. After all, the Lit Slam has opened up voting to the whole Internet! Anyone can vote for their favorite poets to advance to Round 2. Round 2 will be edited by viewers with clear San Francisco/ Bay Area connections, but don’t let that stop you from weighing in!

The Lit Slam will return to live shows next month with Saeed Jones on March 18. More on him to come!

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